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Creating extraordinary living experiences for our residents is our favorite thing.

At The Bryant, we want you to live out your dreams and go after your goals. Giving our residents a good life is our priority, and creating extraordinary living experiences is one of our very favorite things. When our residents tell us about their experiences at The Bryant, we listen – and now you can, too.

“What not to love about the Bryant?! The staff is always cordial and willing to help. The amenities are top of the line. The location is extremely convenient, 5-10 min to everything. I truly love calling the Bryant my home for another year.”

– Isa Grade –

  • “Very friendly and well kept environment. Lots of nice people in the community and the staff is incredibly friendly. They host lost of events for the people here for you to meet and interact”

    – Michael L.

  • “I love the location and how close it is to practically everything. Maintenance responds within 24 hours, BUT they DO NOT do lockouts. Thus, please keep track of your key, if you have to wait for the smart home hookup, as I did, because it’s EXPENSIVE to get these locks unlocked from the outside. However, I’m kind of thankful for that happening because I learned how hard it is to get into smart locks, and I felt safer with only having one lock on the door. I love the 2-3 levels of security to the building, depending on your access point; however, the walk gate has been open a few days, and no one has rectified it yet. Also, I wouldn’t call this a forever home because it looks like the foundation is wearing out, so I plan to be gone within the next 2 years. It’s a great price for the location, and it’s low enough to be able to save up for a down payment on a house, sooner than you would staying anywhere else in the city. That’s all. Good luck!”

    – Urika P.

  • “Really love living here. Parking is very tight and not a lot of spots for the amount of people who live here. It’s a constant struggle to find a spot. And people aren’t considering others and will take up 2 spots for a small car.”

    – Gillian K.

  • “Since I moved here in January, I’ve been nothing but happy!! My move-in day was so smooth. Vanessa was so helpful from day one. From touring the units to answering my emails quickly, she helped so much! I love my apartment and all the perks it comes with. I also really enjoy the community as a whole. I see myself living here for awhile. :)”

    – Ashli D.

  • “Thoroughly impressed and pleased with my experience here at the Bryant. Amazing staff, excellent amenities, perfect location. 10/10 would recommend.”

    – Drequan J.

  • “Great community the leasing office girls are awesome I definitely going to recommend the Bryant apartments to all my friends here in Charlotte”

    – Tomer T.

  • “We moved in December and are loving our new home! We have a great view and feel of living in the city without being surrounded by traffic. Our apartment is beautiful and we can’t wait to entertain guests.”

    – Jasmin G.

  • “Satisfied, but not with the with parking situation, especially, on weekends. When I return home from a later than usual night out, I drive in lot and see cars without stickers, forcing me and other some tenants to park outside of gates. Impatiently, waiting on a reserved spot. How is this issue going to be addressed?”

    – Ion S.

  • “I have been here for a few years it has been good considering a fee hiccups. The office has been really good with responding to the minor incidents.”

    – Veronica C.

  • “Living in this community has been a wonderful experience. The property is well-maintained, and the common areas are always kept clean. The management team is attentive and responsive to any concerns, and they regularly organize fun and festive community events. Overall, I’m very pleased with my experience living at The Bryant, and I would highly recommend this community to anyone looking for a great place to live.”

    – Symphony W.

  • “I love living at the Bryant! Great little community here and the staff is so nice! The amenities are fantastic, maintenance is thorough and rent is fair priced.”

    – Michael C.

  • “I love living at the Bryant! It’s quiet but also bustling with other people with pets. People are so nice and helpful and we still have an awesome view of the city and great amenities. It feels very secure because of the key fob system too. One of the best places I’ve lived!”

    – Hayden K.

  • “Recently, our air conditioning went out and the maintenance was so on top of it! It’s definitely by far the best staff I’ve ever experienced. 10/10!”

    – Lauren B.

  • “Truly loved living here for the past 2 years. It is bitter sweet. But the Bryant is by far the best I have ever lived at. The staff is fabulous, amenities are fantastic, and location, amazing. If you’re thinking of applying just do it already!”

    – Jenny K.

  • “I love living at the Bryant! All of the staff has been extremely nice and helpful! It’s in a great location and easy to get to. Guest parking is super easy which is a HUGE plus.”

    – Amber B.

  • “So far so great! I am loving my new home. The leasing office (Marlee) has been absolutely fantastic and maintenance has responded very quickly!”

    – Gillian K.

  • “So far my stay here has been quite enjoyable. From the peace and quiet were able to get at the apartment. To all the amenities like everything available at the leasing office (package pick up, workout equipment, lounging areas) its unbelievable! Here’s hoping it only gets better as the weather warms up!”

    – Jonathan E.

  • “Have been living here for a few months and have had a great experience so far! Feel very safe and maintenance resolves issues as quickly as possible.”

    – Amanda L.

  • “I’ve been living in the community for around 3 years. I love the connivence of the keyless access I have to the community to open doors & control the front gate. The community feels safe & is monitored. The only reason I didn’t give the community 5 stars is because I have recently had someone move above me with a dog & they are loud more frequently.”

    – Keon B.

  • “Great property – clean and safe. Management is always helpful and responsive if I call with a question or issue. I’ve lived here going on two years, and I have no plans to move.”

    – Elise F.

  • “So far this year my experience has been pretty good, minus a few hiccups here and there with little bugs. But the people in the office and maintenance have been really good.”

    – Veronica C.

  • “Best Management I’ve ever had. There are monthly events and food trucks that make living here a plus. Ive noticed that the dog poop issues seem to have improved and that’s a plus. It will be nice to have a trash receptacle out in the parking area for those who think it is ok to leave cans and trash on the sidewalk, halls or in parking decks. One complaint, cars parked without stickers do they live here? Parking is bad enough for tenants.”

    – Ion S.

  • “Leasing office team and maintenance in all forms are super receptive and kind. They honestly make the experience being here. Whether it be minor inconveniences, maintenance, ridiculous questions, anything, they’re there for you. This is my first apartment and what an experience.”

    – Braden S.

  • “Great spot to live! In walking to restaurants and bars, the Greenway, BoA Stadium, and more! Plus an iconic view of the city skyline. Couldn’t think of a better spot to live.”

    – Cassandra O.

  • “Everything was well organized and went smoothly! The interior and exterior of the apartment was clean and nice. I really appreciate Marlee, she’s a sweetheart 💕”

    – Marie L.

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