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Creating extraordinary living experiences for our residents is our favorite thing.

At The Bryant, we want you to live out your dreams and go after your goals. Giving our residents a good life is our priority, and creating extraordinary living experiences is one of our very favorite things. When our residents tell us about their experiences at The Bryant, we listen – and now you can, too.

“What not to love about the Bryant?! The staff is always cordial and willing to help. The amenities are top of the line. The location is extremely convenient, 5-10 min to everything. I truly love calling the Bryant my home for another year.”

– Isa Grade –

  • “I moved here from NY in March and it’s been great so far! It feels like home, it’s sooo dog friendly and everyone is very kind. the only sad thing was that my golf clubs did get stolen out of my car , but other than that it’s been great!”

    – Sara T.

  • “I love living at the Bryant! The only complaint is the parking, other than that I would recommend the Bryant to all my friends! The gym is beautiful and I love spending nights by the fire pit with a good book! The location is convenient as well!”

    – Elizabeth B.

  • “Great Location, awesome amenities! Would definitely recommend for someone who loves living near uptown and work there. The gym has a lot of equipment and pool area are never crowded.”

    – Khoa D.

  • “Some people need to take out boxes and not leave them blocking the hallway and please fix door 2. The parking is insane and i don’t understand how people park in handicap and don’t get towed but i got towed for parking on the side.”

    – Jaleesa R.

  • “I’ve had a wonderful time here at The Bryant! Getting to know all the residents and being apart of resident events has made my experience that much better!”

    – Sierra D.

  • “From our tour to move-in, everyone at The Bryant has been very welcoming and friendly. The leasing staff and maintenance staff are great and will always say hello. The amenities are exceptional and the location is perfect! The parking lots are gated however my only concern is that the gates can get ‘locked’ into the open position for extended periods of time. The apartments themselves are very modern and are fitted with some of the latest appliances. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a great neighborhood/complex in close proximity to the city!”

    – Henry B.

  • “Really enjoying The Bryant. Especially all of the amenities and events every couple of weeks. We can’t wait to have guests at the pool, as long as it doesn’t get ruined by other residents.”

    – Matthew L.

  • “The staff is very friendly and helpful. I enjoy using the amenities. My neighbors are pleasant. This area is great and we have a phenomenal view of Charlotte’s skyline!”

    – Madison S.

  • “Overall everything is nice! The apartment are nice and new. There is some settling in my apartment, but nothing to worry about. Lots of parking. Main house is really nice! The people are mostly nice too, but at least in my building, they don’t always take care of the place so there is some trash left. The smart features of the home are really nice too!”

    – Michael S.

  • “Awesome community! Great community activities! Wish parking was a a little different! The staff is very friendly welcome understanding and accommodating. Always willing to assist”

    – Trenton G.

  • “Great location & staff. Parking is a hassle and the noise level is sometimes unbearable from construction and GUN RANGE. Overall the amenities are great!”

    – Robert H.

  • “Office staff were always friendly and helpful. My car was hit in the parking lot and there is not always space to park. The maintenance staff was okay. I did have an issue with them not giving me a heads up before coming into my apartment . The community is okay and can be loud, but that’s the risk you take at any apartment. The apartment stairways and halls were not cleaned well. Since the day moved in, to one year later there has been the same gross stain on the floor live on. Overall I think the quality of the apartment is very good but I wish communication with maintenance was better and that there was a better parking solution.”

    – Lynn H.

  • “Been living here since the inception of the Bryant. Great place to live and friendly neighbors! Can’t wait to see what comes next. The staff is always friendly and helpful.”

    – Abraham R.

  • “Friendly neighbors, great clubhouse pool and amenities, limited parking. Cassandra, Marley and Andrew and Jessica in the front office are friendly and very helpful.”

    – Lashawn C.

  • “It’s a nice place to leave. Just wish we could have people at the pool and it was a little less strict on having to end the night so early at the clubhouse”

    – Dava B.

  • “Location, location, location. Fifteen minutes or less to just about every convenience imaginable. Complex has great amenities that help keep life manageable and enjoyable. Only two cons- road noise is significant on the highway side of the building, and the residents abuse any and all rules governing the parking lots. Overall, however, this is a great place to live.”

    – Jared K.

  • “Great maintenance, nice unit. I’m on top floor so I don’t hear much except the neighbor under who stomps like a horse. I don’t like living in a complex that has weekend rentals like air bnb or what they call “corporate” housing. I would not have moved here. Dirty walls in hall, carpet stains, elevator has same fingerprints on top for months. For a building talking about covid and not stating luxury, I think they are missing the mark! You’d think the cleaning will be better glass doors are filthy! Ok experience I don’t see the luxury because in dirty halls and sub par cleaning.”

    – Ion S.

  • “Living at the bryant has it up just as well as it’s down, but no places is perfect. I do enjoy living there they have community events which is great. The staff is friendly. Only problem is the noise , small parking space and not having someone where to park all the time, other then that it’s decent.”

    – Carla S.

  • “Very nice apartment and area to live in sometimes it get is outta hand but nothing you don’t see in any other apartment complex but overall I like it”

    – Tyron H.

  • “Love my apartment complex! Leasing office staff are super nice and helpful, Super dog friendly, and the amenities are great. Have only had issues with noisy neighbors but it was taken care of by the office staff.”

    – Marissa D.

  • “The apartments are great. When it comes to the leasing they are very nice and super helpful. The apartment itself is very beautiful and very technology based. The only downside of the apartments is the parking. Unfortunately there is very little parking and makes you have to park really for and not inside the gates. But overall pretty good place to live”

    – Sua T.

  • “I couldn’t be happier. I absolutely love my apartment. The leasing office staff are friendly and helpful and patient. And the one time I did have a service issue it was fixed within the day.”

    – Anthony M.

  • “I appreciate the event planning that takes place each month. Really hope to see more variety with fitness classes. I think the community garden was a great idea but it would be better served as another swing/seating area”

    – Conicka W.

  • “The Bryant Apartments have been a great place to live. It’s a very dog friendly neighborhood, which even includes a little dog park. The pool is refreshing and always a good time.”

    – Charles K.

  • “I’ve had a wonderful experience at The Bryant since moving here in May. The property is well kept and the office staff is friendly and helpful. I haven’t experienced any sound issues in my building and everyone I have met so far has been incredibly friendly. The dog parks also make it a great place to live for my pup. My only hope is that they would eventually add turf to the dog park at the back of the complex as the wood chips turn into a muddy mess after rain. I would recommend living here to a friend!”

    – Annie M.

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